Friday, July 24, 2009

Tanzania, Africa July 25-August16

I will be out of the country between the dates of July 25th and August 16th working as part of the humanitarian group Cross Cultural Solutions. Kristen and I will be working in the Shaurimoyo Special Needs School with mentally and physically disabled children. I want to sincerely thank those that have supported us with this trip. We are truly blessed and looking forward to not only traveling to a third world country but the opportunity to make a difference.

On other fronts, I have been recovering from a stress fracture in my tibia and am looking forward to bringing back up my mileage for some fun filled ultra-running events in the fall and winter months. After Africa, I will have one week before starting school. I am looking forward to a variety of opportunities that have presented themselves over the last few weeks. Starting in the fall I will be working in the ER 8-12hrs/wk evenings and nights as well as part time in an adult oncology setting. I have also been granted the chance to spear head a research team and split time between the Immunology/Biochemistry Labs at ASU and the UNC Research Campus under the direction and genius of Dr. David Nieman.

Parting Shot of Moshi, Tanzania