Monday, May 26, 2008

Last Day of Summer

Well, its finally here THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK!!!

The Last Day of Summer Break...(sigh, tear)

For normal people this would come around August but not for the study types like myself. School kicks up full swing tomorrow with a round of Biomechanics Labs and Biochemistry early in the morning. Oh boy!

I still can't believe that my summer break is over. Lame! At least my brother is still in school. To kick off my final day of summer, I slept in till 7:15am then jumped on my bike trainer for two hours while watching the Today Show. I know I am that cool (see like my post about being an old man below) After 2x20min z3 it was time to answer emails, phone calls and the occasional bird calls. Then off to the pool for the first round of swim practice, 4k of drilling and kicking...someone shoot me in the head!

I had to pick up my books afterwards. The worst news of the day came when I found out that I HAD TO BUY MY BOOKS! I never wanted a biomachanics text book but guess I have one now and I have to say it is kind of nice : ( I don't know how to make a crying smiley face or I would.

Well, I'm off to finish my final day of summer break (I know I keep saying that but I am bummed out) with another swim workout and some light water jogging! Sweat!

Tomorrow I start in the labs...I am now officially a Tri Nerd (the tri geek title is only reserved for thundercats and twitchers). I am looking forward though to having more time to train and recover. I think this will make a huge difference in my performances over the next couple of months! Hopefully, I can learn to swim because I am tired of treading water.

Until next summer break

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