Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attack of the Angry Beavers

Yesterday was my first day back to class. Lame, I know but it wasn't all that bad. After waking up at my normal (alright abnormal by normal people standards) 6:00am, I headed out for the trails for a quick eight with some neuromuscular intervals. All in all felt great but still do not have that top end speed that I was feeling leading into Florida 70.3

I got to school early hoping to jump into a Yoga class but thanks to a poor showing the class was canceled. Oh well, maybe I will have better luck today with the class. I decided to head down to the Convo and shoot the breeze with Dr. Dumke before class. Everyone was headed out to the ACSM conference in Indy so there was a lot of nervous energy floating around since no one had started getting ready to leave until that morning.

Class was ok. I was drooling on myself about fifteen minutes in but woke up later only to be reminded why I was falling asleep.

F=ma is so exciting. I think the only thing I learned was why Superman can fly on Earth. Clue: He doesn't fly, he jumps!

After class, Kristen and I jumped in her car aka Seymour (sp?) and drove out to Price Lake. It was raining so we parked ourselves next to the lake and napped/read till the weather cleared. In a moment of sure procrastination (still cannot turn on my brain from my short summer break, aka reading fifty pages of biomechanics is tough) we made the call to go trekking down a creek looking for the beavers. Instead of finding the beavers we found ourselves on the wrong side of the creek, stuck in a rainstorm and trudging through thick rhododendron groves. As soon as we had seen a snake and were covered in mud we decided that the beavers were not happy and made the call to try and find our way out of the beaver kingdom.
Last night was spent riding my bike trainer and studying : (
and eating : )

Dear Diary,
I got a job working in the biochemistry labs this summer! More on this to follow...Got to head off to class and the pool!

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