Saturday, November 15, 2008

And I thought that racing the World Championships was hard...

I feel like I need to document the last week since it has been completely epic! Following Clearwater 70.3, I embarked upon my week long sleep deperveration/studying ultra-marathon. the day after the race I drove fifteen straight hours from Florida to Boone, NC with a thirty minute lay over in Chattavegis to switch cars. I made sure to get some sleep Sunday bc I knew the next few days were going to be difficult but to be honest I had no idea how difficult.

Starting 5am on Monday till 1pm Thursday, here is how my days went.

From 5am to 9 or 10am (depending on the day's classes), I worked in the library. Then went to class till about 12am. From there I spent the rest of the day in lab until 9or10 o'clock at night when the janitor staff would kick me out. Then I would head to the library to continue working upon school work/research until 2am when the library would close whereby I would stumble over to Kristen's apartment and fall asleep for three hours on her couch. Then at 5or6am I would shower and return to the library till class started. This break pace continued through till Thursday when I got in the car and drove the six+ hour drive to Nashville.

Friday I had my MRI early in the morning and then went to the SERMACS conference to support some of my collegues who were presenting their research findings. Finally, this morning at 8:20 I gave my 21min lecture on the 'Validated Application of New RP-HPLC for Determination of Select Polyphenols ((+)-Catechin, Quercetin, and Trans-Resveratrol) in Blood Serum, Plasma and Urine,' got in the car and drove the six+ hour drive back to Boone.

Needless to say at this point I am so tired I cannot sleep. Tomorrow to top it all off I am running my first long run of this training cycle in preparation for my 100k ultra-marathon in December. The run will be between six and seven hours adn more than likely will be in the snow.

I hate being bored.

What I have learned this week:

1. Not training 25hrs+ a week allows me to get a lot done
2. Not sleeping 7-8hrs a night allows me to get a lot done
3. Drinking five cups of coffee a day helps me get a lot done
4. I do not like getting a lot done

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