Monday, October 6, 2008

Ironman Hawaii

In honor of the upcoming Ironman World Championships and my procrastination for studying biochemistry, I will post some of my favorite ST musings about Ironman's Greatest Champion, Dave Scott.

1. Dave Scott doesn't swim the first 2.4 mile leg of the race....He runs on the ocean floor.

2. Dave Scott doesn't inflate his tires.

Dave Scott's resting heart rate is 1.

After he races, Dave Scott swims Colorado.

Dave Scott once ran a 4 minute mile... in 3 minutes.

If Dave Scott played golf he'd carry a one iron.

Dave Scott shaves his legs......with a chainsaw.

That being said this years podium for Hawaii will be...drum roll...

Men's Podium
1. Craig Alexander
2. Macca
3. Norman Stadler

and Chrisse Wellington will win the overall...

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