Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Snow! and Last 'Track' Workout

Today marks the first snow of the season. Having watched the weather slowly deterate yesterday into ideal snow making conditions, I was pleseantly surprised to awake to a winter wonderland outside my window. I woke up at my normal six am and got dressed to brave the frosty conditions, however, once I opened the door and was almost thrown backwards by a windgust I started to have second thoughts about my early morning track workout. The winter wonderland that looked so peaceful from under the covers turned out to be a freezing rain/snow mix with about three inches already on the ground. To top it off, there were forty mph wind gusts! I stepped outside with a 'what the hell, its not like the weather is going to get any better today' attitude and almost slipped on a patch of black ice. That was that. Not willing to throw away an entire season of training with Clearwater so close, I turned around and went back to bed.

Fear not though, following Chemistry, I bundled up (insert picture of the kid in A Christmas Story), and went out for my 'track' workout. Once I got to the track, the frosty conditions had different plans. Seeing that the track was completely frozen over, I opted to head out to StateFarm to the grass track and clock my 1.5mi repeats there. As soon as I started the repeats however the headwind picked up and so did the snow! Before I knew it I was running in close to white out conditions. Freaking Lame!!! Doesn't anyone know that it is not even Halloween. Regardless, I still managed to split two sub-8min 1.5 repeats in my soggy trainers. So I believe this qualifies me to say HTFU : ) Clearwater here I come!

In other news, this week marks one of the biggest test weeks I have had to date. So far I am three for three on my tests. Having made my first 100 on a college exam ever, I crushed my Statistics Mid-Term and I promply followed that up with two solid performances on a Biochemistry Test and a Phyics Test. By the way both those tests were back to back with about five minutes between each. I think I am more proud of those repeats than my 1.5mi splits today. Med Schol here I come!

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