Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nose to the grind

Wow, so much to report!

Let's see, I finished the summer school with a total of ten hours completed and an outstanding 4.0 GPA. I also completed two independent study hours which has allowed me to continue my research into the fall semester. I am looking forward to this upcoming school semester as the stars are finally starting to aline for me. I will be taking on a leadership role in the lab with the Qcomm bld draws and I will be continuing my research into the seemingly endless benefits of anti-oxidants. Most recently I have been accepted into an undergraduate research program here at App State which is funding my research and paying for travel expenses to conferences. I will be traveling to Nashville the week after Clearwater to make my first presentation of my research which is extremely exciting. Following presenting I will driving to Chatty to run a 50k the following day in order to start my training regiment for the 100k I will be competing in in December. All really good things!

I am back to hitting it hard again. I had two weeks off from lab following second summer session. So as usual I choose to spend my vocation time at home training my skinny butt off. After two weeks of hitting close to 70hrs total of training I can say that there will be some results talking for themselves come mid-September at the Duke Liver Half-Ironman. This race is something I am really looking forward to since I have not raced a half since Florida 70.3 back in May. I am using it as a tune up for Clearwater.

I close with a few swimming observations:

1. Who is Michael Phelps?
2. A snorkel made for swimming freestyle only worsens one's technique while providing the individual with lung fulls of chlorinated water
3. What is the deal with the IM? What a sickening event if one swim stroke wasn't enough let's make you swim four different ones as fast as you. Swimmers are mastitis!
4. 50m is a terribly long way in a dimly lit pool at 6am in the morning
5. My hair will turn blond with enough sunlight and chlorine. I have not highlighted my hair for all those that are wondering!

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