Monday, July 14, 2008

'Next time you are in your car, strip down to your underwear and jump out of your car. That is what it is like to crash in a professional bike race'

Always being one to frown on watching too much TV, I have as of late found myself nightly glued to the tube. Between the Olympic Trials, Tour De France and then followed up by the Olympics this is prime time TV viewing time for Josh as of which has not been seen in four years.

Tour De France

I follow pro cycling like most people follow normal sports (ie. football, baseball) I have been preaching these as the overall podium finishers in Paris.

Winner: Cadel Evans
Second Place: Alejandro Valverde
Third Place: Frank Schleck

At this moment my picks are holding strong. Valverde is starting to suck. I knew Valverde would be a threat in the Tour but I thought that he would have a hard time finishing atop the podium. He just won the Daulphine! You cannot carry that level of fitness for an entire month. Cadel although in yellow is still afaird to ride aggressively. This is Cadel's year though. He has focused this year on this race and come in smartly strong enough to progress his fitness in order to peak on the right days. Lotto has built a strong team around him plus they have Robbie Mcewen! I like the Schleck brothers but Frank is the obvious choice for the overall GC. Frank had a solid Tour de Swiss but is only now coming into strong fitness.

Last thing I am going to say...well...quote, "Screw the dopers, they ripped the soul out of the race." Kick ass Cadel! You're my dawg now that Levi isn't riding.

In other news:

I do not want to speak too soon but I have started my build back towards badass fitness. Swimming is progressing faster than I could have imagined. Very very excited with how it is going. Riding stronger than I was before I got hurt eventhough I am still confined to the trainer. Solid water running sessions are keeping my overall run muscle memory intact. I have a few more weeks of school left then a summer break part three. I more than likely will take those two weeks to build back a solid level of fitness along side a few local races! Thanks to everyone for their patience. I am more focused and determined than I have been all season and ready now to start the second portion of my season with a fully recharged battery!

In other other news:

School and work are going well. We have almost finished running all the F2 Iso's and then I get to start in on my own research. At this point I am I working hard alongside a few other highly motivated scientists to develop a Multiple Polyphenol Assay. I know what you are thinking. There is already a multi polyphenol assay. I know but mine is special in the sense that once perfected it will allow us to examine numerous samples at one time as opposed to ony running one sample at a time. With the data, work can be done towards differnet scientific avenues including oxidative stress, cancer research and obesity studies. Good stuff!

I am currently taking an Intro to Philosophy with Dr. Bartel. We are studing Plato's Republic. Well, Josh what have you learned from taking this class. Thanks for asking. I have learned nothing aside from the fact that I hate Plato and his closed minded bull shit! Aside from that I am really enjoying the class since it is utilizing a different part of my brain that I am not used to taping into. If anything I will be getting another humanities credit out the way.

I will close with an observation.

Short Course Meters = the Devil!

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