Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The adventures of the yellowdart have been put on hold the last week due to an unusual pain in my lower back that has reduced me to walking around like a 90 year old man. After a steller block of training following Florida 70.3, I was looking forward to toeing the line again. However, following a light 10mi run on Wednesday of last week, I felt a light twing in my back which I immediantly iced and went onto bed. I woke up the next morning, hammered out a tempo run and couldn't walk to class. I made the call to take it easy until the race that weekend but after not seeing any improvements I canned the race and got the opportunity to travel to Charlotte and chear on Kristen during her race. As hard as it was, I have to say that it was one of the better experiences I have had this year at a race. It reminded me that in triathlon we all have a first race and regardless whether we are embarking out on our 15mi cooldown tempo run or can't move for a week following that race we are all people before we are triathletes. I have continued to take the rest of the week off and feel that I am finally up to strength to start back training full time. Look out Chattanooga, here I come!

In better news: This weekend Kristen and I will be heading out to checkout the Chapel Hill and USC med programs. Sounds awesome!

In even better news: This weekend is the Olympic Trials! Sadly, Alan Culpepper is not going to be competing.

In even even better news: In Japan It's A National Law For Companies To Measure People's Waistlines - Men over 33.5" and Women over 35.4" are in trouble. If 10% of them don't lose weight by 2012, their companies might be fined up to $19 million.

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