Friday, May 23, 2008

Like an Old Man

I am back in Boone town 'training' again following an excruciating car ride back from Florida.

After the race I had the privilege of spending 90 minutes in the medical tent receiving two IV bags (probably should have gotten a third) and limping back to my hotel to tend to my trashed feet. This seems to be a pattern of mine following a race; black out at the finish line, spend time in the medical tent, then limp around on swollen feet for a couple of days. Hum...can't be good but at least I do not have to race like that every weekend. For the record my finishing blood pressure was 104/53 (my normal is 118/76) with a resting heart rate of around 100 bpm (my normal is around 46 bpm).

The night following the race was terrible. I could not sleep thanks in part to my cramped up legs and to the fact that I was still extremely dehydrated. After three hours of sleep and four Epsom salt baths it was time for me to get up and go swimming. I got in about 1500yds and felt great all things considered. However, with the amount of external and internal blistering on my feet it was a weird sensation trying to flip turn and push off the wall. Marc corrected my stroke which turned out to be more of a kicking problem and a slight over rotation on my right side (thx to the watchful eye of Zach).

Then it was time to hit the road for eight hours. Leaving the Training Center I really did not have too much soreness but by the time we parked in my driveway I could barely walk to the door. Countless Epsom salt baths and few massages later I can now walk like an old man.

Training has sucked the last couple of days but I think it will be ok. I have a month before my next race and about six and half months till Clearwater...I have logged good running and swimming mileage (should hit 65mi running and 15grand in the pool) but I am pissed it is taking me this long to make a full recovery. Ran yesterday at Moses Cone. Rude awaking back to 'altitude' and Boone weather. 45degrees with 25mph wind gusts left me wishing for some Florida heat. Still have a lot of residual soreness in my calf and quads but seems that my shoulders and lower back have fully recovered.

Class starts back on Tuesday. Thank god having time to train and fully recover is weird. Plus not being stressed out about school leaves me with very little to worry about. Got to go eat!

Until next time stay clear of the thundercats and twitchers.

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